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Class Listing in Class Number Order

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(000100)County Supervisor
(000110)Assessor/Recorder/County Clerk
(000140)District Attorney
(000185)Treasurer-Tax Collector
(000210)Asst Assessor/Recorder/CntyClk
(000212)Chief Dep, Assess/Rec/Cnty Clk
(000215)Retirement CEO
(000231)Special Asst, Treasurer/Tax Co
(000232)Asst Treasurer-Tax Collector
(000240)Asst District Attorney
(000241)DA, Crime Analysis Admin
(000245)Chief Dep District Attorney
(000249)Special Asst, County Assessor
(000258)Sheriff's Sr Policy Advisor
(000262)Dir, Sheriff's Mgmt Svcs
(000264)Sheriff's HR Administrator
(000265)Asst Sheriff
(000266)Dir, Sheriff's Legal Affairs
(000267)Crime Lab Director
(000270)Chief Dep, Treas/Tax Collector
(000282)Retirement Info Tech Director
(000283)Retirement Investment Officer
(000284)Retirement Dep Chf Invest Off
(000286)Investment Officer
(000287)Retirement Asst Admin
(000288)Chief Investment Officer
(000289)Retirement Chief Invest Off
(000291)Retirement General Counsel
(000292)Retirement Ast General Counsel
(000303)Director, County Fire
(000304)EMS Medical Director
(000307)Manager, Prob Fiscal & Inf Svc
(000309)Chief of Audits
(000310)Manager, Auditor & Controller
(000314)Revenue & Recovery Director
(000315)LUEG Program Manager
(000316)County Traffic Engineer
(000317)Financial Policy & Plng Dir
(000318)Group Program Manager
(000319)Asst Group Finance Director
(000320)Dir, Child Support Services
(000321)Asst Dir, Child Support Svcs
(000322)Financial Policy and Plng Mgr
(000323)Chief Data Officer
(000330)Victim/Witness Program Dir
(000332)Dep Chief Investigator
(000334)Public Affairs Off, Sheriff
(000335)Clinic Dir, Behavioral Hth Svc
(000336)Sheriff's Sr Executive Asst
(000337)Public Affairs Officer, DA
(000338)Chief, Child Support Services
(000339)Chief Public Defendr Invest
(000340)Medical Director
(000342)Special Investigator(Dist Att)
(000343)Special Assistant (Dist Atty)
(000344)Chief Investigator
(000345)Asst Chief Investigator
(000346)Confidential Secretary
(000347)CAO Project Manager
(000348)CAO Staff Officer
(000351)Military & Veterans Affrs Off
(000352)Legislative Policy Advisor
(000353)Chief Ethics/Compliance Off
(000354)Sr Labor Relations Officer
(000355)Labor Relations Mgr
(000356)Labor Relations Officer
(000357)Medical Examiner Oper Admin
(000359)CAO Chief of Staff
(000362)Special Investigator (Sheriff)
(000370)Chief Dep, Public Defender
(000371)Staff Officer
(000372)Legislative Assistant I (B/S)
(000373)Legislative Assistant II (B/S)
(000374)Chief of Staff (B/S)
(000375)Special Investgr (Citizn RvBd)
(000376)Chief Medical Officer
(000377)Supv Special Investgr, CLERB
(000380)Asst Dir, Off of Emergncy Svcs
(000398)Management Fellow
(000399)Division Chief, Probation
(000446)Exec Officer, Civil Svce Comm
(000447)Exec Officer, CLERB
(000725)Coord, Grand Jury
(000735)Park Attendant (Seasonal)
(000737)General Support Aide
(000750)Per Diem Comm Dispatcher I
(000751)Per Diem Comm Dispatcher II
(000777)Election Worker
(000790)Election Worker Specialist
(000896)Temp Expert Prof Employee
(000904)Student Worker - High School
(000905)Student Worker - Undergraduate
(000906)Student Worker - Graduate/Tech
(000912)Retiree Non-Exmpt Classfd-Gnrl
(000913)Retiree Non-Exmpt Classfd-Sfty
(000915)Retiree Unclassified Mgt
(000918)TEP - Psychiatrist Spec Assign
(000919)Temp Expert ProfEmp-MD,DO,DVM
(000921)Admin, Justice Sys Integration
(000922)Dep Public Health Officer
(000923)Health Svcs Project Coord
(000926)Chief Nursing Officer
(000927)Chief, Departmental Operations
(000928)Asst Chief Nursing Officer
(000949)Fire Services Coordinator
(000950)Dist Atty Legal Opers Admin
(000960)Dep Agric Comm & Sealer
(000962)Human Resources Svcs Mgr
(000963)Group Human Resources Director
(000969)Group Finance Director
(000970)Chief, Office of AIDS Coord
(000974)Sheriff's Stand Compliance Mgr
(000975)Sheriff's Contract Manager
(000977)Sheriff's Support Svcs Mgr
(000978)Sheriff's Inmate Services Mgr
(000980)Sheriff's Employee RelationsMg
(000982)Forensic Toxicology Lab Mgr
(000987)Communications Systems Mgr
(000989)Asst Public Adm/PublicGuardian
(000991)Sheriffs Chief Finance Officer
(000993)Sheriff's Medical Svcs Admin
(000994)Technology Manager
(000995)Info Technology Contract Mgr
(000996)Group Information Tech Mgr
(000997)Chief ERP Manager
(000998)ERP System Administrator (T)
(000999)Debt Finance Manager
(002102)Agric Comm/Slr Wgts & Meas
(002104)Dep Chief Administrative Off
(002105)DCAO/Dir, Hlth & Hmn Svcs Agcy
(002106)Deputy CAO/Chief Financial Off
(002107)Chief Sustainability Officer
(002108)Dir, Off of Immgt & Refge Affr
(002109)Chief Administrative Officer
(002110)Clerk of the Bd of Supervisors
(002111)Chief, Departmental Admin Svcs
(002112)Dir, Animal Services
(002113)Dir, Dept of Public Works
(002115)Dir, County Library
(002117)Air Pollution Control Officer
(002120)County Veterinarian
(002122)Dir, Envirn Health and Quality
(002124)Public Defender
(002125)Dir, General Services
(002128)County Counsel
(002129)Chief Information Officer
(002131)Dir, Parks & Recreation
(002132)Dir, Human Resources
(002134)Dep Dir, Env Health & Quality
(002135)Public Admin/Guardian/Conserv
(002138)Dir, Planning & Develop Svcs
(002140)Chief Evaluation Officer
(002146)Dir, Off of Eqty & Racl Justce
(002156)Dep Dir, Inpat/Resid Care Fac
(002157)Chief Probation Officer
(002162)Dir, Aging and Adult Services
(002163)Registrar of Voters
(002166)Dir, Purchasing & Contracting
(002169)Manager, Treasurer-Tax Collect
(002180)Chief Medical Examiner
(002183)Chief Operations Officer
(002195)Asst Chief Information Officer
(002202)Asst Clerk of the Bd of Supv
(002203)Asst Auditor & Controller
(002204)Dep Controller
(002205)Asst Dir, County Library
(002206)Asst Chief Admin Officer
(002208)Chief Dep, Clerk of the BOS
(002210)Dep Dir, Public Works
(002211)Asst Dir, Dept of Public Wks
(002212)Dep Dir, Human Resources
(002214)Asst Dir, Air Pollution Cntrl
(002215)Asst Dir, Parks & Recreation
(002216)Asst Dir, Animal Services
(002217)Asst County Counsel
(002218)Chief Dep County Counsel
(002219)Asst Dir, General Services
(002220)Exec Dir, First 5 Commission
(002221)Public Health Officer
(002229)Dep Dir, County Library
(002233)Asst Registrar of Voters
(002235)Asst Dir, Agric-Wgts & Measure
(002237)Dep Dir, Parks & Recreation
(002238)Dep Dir, Agric-Wgts & Measures
(002239)Dir, Behavioral Health Service
(002240)Chief Operations Officer, HHSA
(002243)Dep Dir, Child Support Svcs
(002245)Auditor & Controller
(002257)Exec Finance Director
(002258)Info Technology Dir, DA
(002259)Chief Dist Atty Admin Officer
(002260)Dir of Environmental Health
(002261)Director of Integrative Svcs
(002264)Asst Dir, Purchasing & Cntrtng
(002265)Asst Chief Probation Officer
(002267)Dir, Agency Operations
(002269)Asst Dir, Planning & Dev Svcs
(002271)Asst Dir, County CommunicatOff
(002272)Dir, Child Welfare Services
(002273)Dep Dir, Animal Services
(002275)Dir, County Communications Off
(002276)Dir, Off of Strat & Intrgvt Af
(002277)Dir, Off of Eth,Cmpl&LabrStnds
(002278)Dir, Housing & Community Dev
(002284)Dir, Off of Emergency Svcs
(002285)Chief Dep Medical Examiner
(002289)Dep Dir, Planning & Dev Svcs
(002290)Dep Dir, General Services
(002291)Dep Chief Probation Officer
(002293)Dep Dir, Air Pollution Control
(002296)Dep Dir, Departmental Ops
(002297)Asst Dir, Departmental Ops
(002298)Dir, Departmental Operations
(002299)Dir, Regional Operations
(002302)Admin Analyst III
(002303)Admin Analyst II
(002304)Admin Analyst I
(002306)Admin Trainee (T)
(002312)Sr Departmental HR Officer
(002314)Technical Writer
(002319)Probation Aide
(002321)Claims Representative I
(002322)Claims Aide
(002324)Sheriffs Media Relations Off
(002327)Claims Representative II
(002328)Departmental HR Officer
(002335)Deferred Compensation Coord
(002337)Public Outreach Specialist
(002338)Departmental Safety Coord
(002339)Sr Risk & Insurance Analyst
(002342)Sr Veteran Svcs Representative
(002344)Insurance Coordinator
(002347)Capital Project Coordinator
(002350)Retirement Sr Disability Spec
(002351)Retirement Disability Spec
(002353)Veterans Services Rep
(002355)Behavioral Hlth Program Coord
(002357)Photographic Audio-Visual Spec
(002360)Sheriff's Project Manager
(002362)Communications Manager
(002365)Staff Development Specialist
(002367)Principal Admin Analyst
(002368)Admin Services Mgr I
(002369)Admin Services Mgr II
(002372)Mgr, Assessor/Recorder/CntyClk
(002373)Multimedia Manager
(002374)Group Communications Officer
(002378)Human Resources Manager
(002380)Staff Development Coordinator
(002382)Coord, Emergency Medical Svcs
(002384)Emergency Medical Svcs Spec
(002387)Quality Assurance Specialist
(002393)Wellness Coordinator
(002395)Manager, Probation Prog Planng
(002402)Staff Accountant - Conf
(002403)Accounting Technician
(002405)Staff Accountant
(002406)Civil Svce Commissn Analyst II
(002407)Civil Svce Commissn Analyst I
(002415)Management Support Specialist
(002416)Fuel Management Spec
(002417)Document Services Coord
(002420)IT Engineer
(002421)Sr IT Engineer
(002425)Assoc Accountant
(002427)Supv IT Engineer
(002435)Human Resources Analyst
(002436)Sr Human Resources Analyst
(002437)Program Coordinator
(002438)Human Resources Specialist
(002440)Human Resources Assistant
(002441)Human Resources Support Supv
(002442)ERP System Func Analyst (T)
(002443)ERP System Specialist (T)
(002444)Multimedia Designer
(002446)Financial Policy & Plng Off
(002447)Debt & Capital Finance Officer
(002451)Communications Specialist
(002457)Tax Payment Processor
(002458)Sr Tax Payment Processor
(002464)Workers' Compensation Spec
(002465)Workers' Compensation Adjuster
(002466)Sr Workers' CompensationAdjstr
(002468)Investment Analyst
(002469)Cost Analyst
(002472)Account Clerk - Conf
(002474)Sr Account Clerk - Conf
(002475)Section Chief, Rev & Recovery
(002476)Accounting Technician - Conf
(002477)Sr Revenue & Recovery Officer
(002479)Revenue & Recovery Officer
(002480)Auditor & Cntrl Payroll Tech
(002482)Asst Mgr, Treasurer/Tax Coll
(002483)Revenue & Recovery Officer Tr
(002486)Crime &Intelligen Analysis Mgr
(002487)Broadcast Engineer
(002490)Departmental Payroll Tech
(002491)Sheriff's Program Coordinator
(002493)Account Clerk
(002494)Payroll Clerk
(002499)Departmental Payroll Spec
(002501)Sr Auditor & Controller Acct
(002505)Sr Accountant
(002508)Sr Assessment Clerk
(002509)Assessment Clerk
(002510)Sr Account Clerk
(002511)Sr Payroll Clerk
(002513)Sr Cashier
(002514)Supv Assessment Clerk
(002517)Principal Accountant
(002519)Forensic Accountant
(002521)Account Clerk Specialist
(002523)Auditor & Controlr Payroll Spc
(002534)Revenue & Budget Mgr, HHSA
(002535)Finance Officer
(002537)Departmental Budget Manager
(002551)Auditor I
(002552)Auditor II
(002553)Sr Auditor
(002554)DPW Unit Manager
(002558)HHSA Contract Auditor
(002559)Sr HHSA Contract Auditor
(002560)Departmntl Info Tech Coord (T)
(002561)Departmental Tech Sys Spec (T)
(002562)Departmental Tech Sys Tech (T)
(002563)Treasurer-Tax Collector Spec
(002564)Sr Treasurer-Tax Collector Spc
(002565)Supv Treasurer-Tax Collect Spc
(002566)Principal Treasur-Tax Coll Spc
(002567)Tax Payment Enforcement Off
(002568)Sr Tax Payment Enforcemnt Off
(002570)Operations Research Analyst
(002575)Crime & Intelligence Analyst
(002576)Sr Crime &Intelligence Analyst
(002580)Information Technology Spec
(002581)Information Technology Analyst
(002582)Information Technology Princpl
(002601)Asst Procurement Spec
(002608)Fleet Standards Technician
(002610)Procurement Specialist
(002611)Purchasing Clerk
(002618)Sr Procurement Contracting Off
(002622)Procurement Contracting Off
(002640)Procurement Contracting Spec
(002645)Sr Estate Property Specialist
(002647)Fleet Parts Specialist
(002650)Stock Clerk
(002655)Sr Storekeeper
(002658)Storekeeper II (T)
(002662)Pharmacy Storekeeper
(002664)Pharmacy Stock Clerk
(002671)Estate Property Specialist
(002700)Office Assistant
(002706)Admissions Clerk
(002707)Sr Admissions Clerk
(002709)Departmental Clerk
(002711)Sheriff's Prop & Evid Spec I
(002713)Sheriff's Property&Evid SpecII
(002715)Records Clerk
(002719)Probation Oper Support Mgr
(002722)Sheriff's Det Processng AsstMg
(002727)Sheriff's Detentn Procesng Mgr
(002728)Detention Processing Supv
(002729)Office Support Specialist
(002730)Sr Office Assistant
(002733)Sheriff's Licensing Clerk I
(002734)Sheriff's Licensing Clerk II
(002735)Sheriff's Licensing Spec
(002736)Sheriff's Licensing Supervisor
(002737)Sheriff's Licensing Manager
(002740)Records Management Coordinator
(002745)Supv Office Assistant
(002746)Office Support Spec - Conf
(002751)CAO Office Spec
(002753)Civil Svce Commissn Secretary
(002755)CAO/ACAO Secretary
(002756)Admin Secretary I
(002757)Admin Secretary II
(002758)Admin Secretary III
(002759)Admin Secretary IV
(002763)Office Assistant - Conf
(002767)Admin Secretary I - Conf
(002768)Admin Secretary II - Conf
(002769)Commission Secretary
(002770)Confidential Legal Secty
(002775)Criminal Legal Secretary I
(002776)Criminal Legal Secretary II
(002777)Criminal Legal Secretary III
(002778)Animal Services Dispatcher
(002782)Legal Support Assistant I
(002783)Legal Support Assistant II
(002784)Legal Support Assistant III
(002785)Legal Support Supervisor I
(002786)Legal Support Supervisor II
(002797)Sheriff's Records & ID Clk I
(002798)Sheriff's Records & ID Clk II
(002799)Sheriff's Records & ID Supv
(002801)Sheriff's Fingerprint Examiner
(002802)Sheriff's Sr Fingerprint Examr
(002804)Sheriff's Records & ID Mgr
(002806)Imaging Technician I
(002807)Imaging Technician II
(002808)Imaging Technician III
(002820)Sheriff's Emerg Svcs Disp Trne
(002821)Sheriff's Communications Disp
(002822)Sheriff's Emerg Svcs Dispatche
(002823)Supv Sheriff's Emerg Svcs Disp
(002899)Legal Support Manager
(002900)Board Assistant
(002902)Sr Board Assistant
(002910)Graduate Law Clerk
(002913)Clerk of the Bd Program Mgr
(002917)Recordable Documents Spec I
(002918)Recordable Documents Spec II
(002919)Recordable Documents Spec III
(002931)Confidential Senior Paralegal
(002940)Asst Child Support Officer
(002941)Child Support Officer
(002942)Supv Child Support Officer
(002943)Child Support Manager
(003001)Detentions Information Asst
(003002)Detentions Processing Tech
(003003)Sheriff's Operations Supv
(003004)County Records Manager
(003021)Election Processing Supv
(003039)Mail Clerk Driver
(003041)Health Info Mgmt Svcs Admin
(003042)Manager, Health Info Mgmt Svcs
(003044)Sheriff's Hlth Inf Mgt Svc Off
(003045)Medical Claims Specialist
(003046)Health Info Mgmt Clerk
(003047)Mail Systems Supervisor
(003049)Health Info Mgmt Tech
(003055)Sr Health Info Mgmt Tech
(003056)Medical Transcriber
(003057)Sr Medical Transcriber
(003060)Mail Processor
(003061)Mail Carrier
(003062)Sr Mail Carrier
(003068)Supv Stores&Mail Sys Spec, A&C
(003076)Mail Processing Technician
(003084)Mail Services Manager
(003104)Precinct Planning Tech
(003105)Sr Precinct Planning Tech
(003108)Elections Manager
(003161)Supv Industrial Hygienist
(003162)Industrial Hygienist III
(003163)Industrial Hygienist I
(003501)Geographic Info Sys Tech
(003502)Geographic Info Sys Coord
(003503)Geographic Info Sys AnaTr (T)
(003505)Landscape Architect
(003506)Sr Geographic Info Sys Analyst
(003507)Land Use/Environ Planner I
(003508)Land Use/Environ Planner II
(003509)Geographic Info Sys Analyst
(003510)Construction Inspector
(003511)Sr Construction Inspector
(003517)Land Use/Environ Planning Mgr
(003518)Graphic Audio-Visual Coord
(003523)Jr Land Use/Environ Planner
(003533)Urban Forestry Coordinator
(003548)Housing Program Analyst IV
(003550)Land Use/Environ Planner III
(003556)Housing Program Analyst I
(003557)Housing Program Analyst II
(003558)Housing Program Analyst III
(003575)Project Manager
(003577)Security Manager
(003578)Program Manager, General Svcs
(003585)Building/Enforcement Manager
(003586)Chief, Mapping Section (T)
(003588)Code Enforcement Officer
(003598)Assoc Air Pollution Cntrl Eng
(003602)Asst Div Chief, Assessor/R/CC
(003615)Asst Engineer
(003630)Sr Radio Communicatns Sys Eng
(003631)Radio Communications Sys Eng
(003635)Civil Engineer
(003637)Supv Dep Public Admin-Guardian
(003642)Accident Reconstruction Spec
(003654)Asst Transportation Spec
(003655)Assoc Transportation Spec
(003660)Building Inspector I
(003661)Building Inspector II
(003663)Fire Prevention Specialist I
(003664)Plans Examiner
(003671)Fire Prevention Specialist II
(003673)Electrcl, Plmbng, & Mech Coord
(003677)Wastewater Electrical Ctrl Spc
(003689)APCD Business Program Spec
(003690)Groundwater Geologist
(003691)Sr Hydrogeologist
(003693)Asst APC Engineer
(003694)Jr Air Pollution Cntrl Eng
(003696)Asst Meteorologist
(003697)Assoc Meteorologist
(003698)Sr Meteorologist
(003701)APC Civil Actions Investigator
(003706)Project Manager, Public Works
(003713)Sr Air Pollution Control Eng
(003715)Building/Enforcement Supv
(003720)Sr Civil Engineer
(003728)Sr Land Surveyor
(003735)Sr Structural Engineer
(003779)Jr Surveyor (T)
(003780)Asst Surveyor
(003785)Land Surveyor
(003795)Construction Technician (T)
(003799)Computer Aided Design&DraftCrd
(003801)Drafting Technician
(003803)Hydrographic Instrument Tech
(003809)Cadastral Supervisor
(003812)Engineering Technician III
(003813)Engineering Technician II
(003814)Engineering Technician I
(003817)Graphic Artist
(003822)Cadastral Technician
(003823)Sr Cadastral Technician
(003824)Graphic Design Spec
(003829)Housing Aide
(003830)Housing Spec I
(003831)Housing Spec II
(003832)Housing Spec III
(003833)Land Use Technician III
(003835)Land Use Technician II
(003836)Land Use Technician I
(003837)Land Use Aide
(003838)Permit Process Coordinator
(003841)Supv Air Resources Spec
(003842)Air Pollution Test Tech (T)
(003843)Assoc Air Resources Spec
(003844)Electronic Instrument Tech II
(003845)Assoc Air Pollution Chemist
(003846)Air Pollution Control Aide
(003848)Electronic Instrument Tech I
(003852)Asst Air Resources Spec
(003853)Supv Air Quality Inspector
(003854)Air Quality Inspector II
(003855)Air Quality Inspector I
(003856)Air Quality Specialist
(003857)Industrial Hygienist II
(003858)Asst Air Pollution Chemist
(003859)Jr Air Pollution Chemist
(003868)Sr Air Pollution Chemist
(003870)Supv Electronic Instrument Tec
(003903)Dep County Counsel
(003904)Sr Deputy County Counsel
(003910)Dep Public Defender I
(003911)Dep Public Defender II
(003912)Dep Public Defender III
(003913)Dep Public Defender IV
(003914)Dep Public Defender V
(003915)Child Support Program Atty I
(003916)Child Support Program Atty II
(003917)Child Support Program Atty III
(003923)Child Support Program Atty IV
(003924)Child Support Program Atty V
(003925)Dep District Attorney V
(003926)Dep District Attorney IV
(003927)Dep District Attorney III
(003928)Dep District Attorney II
(003929)Dep District Attorney I
(003930)Litigation Investigator
(003931)Victim/Witness Assist Prog Mgr
(003932)Claims & Investigator Supv
(003933)Sr Litigation Investigator
(003934)Confidential Paralegal
(003939)Medical Claims Manager
(003940)Agric Civil Actions Invest
(003942)Paralegal I
(003943)Paralegal II
(004005)Bookmobile Driver
(004015)Library Technician II
(004016)Library Technician I
(004020)Library Technician III
(004021)Library Technician IV
(004023)Librarian III
(004024)Librarian II
(004025)Librarian I
(004026)Librarian Substitute
(004037)Library Technician Substitute
(004048)Principal Librarian
(004102)Asst Medical Services Admin
(004103)Public Health Nutrition Mgr
(004107)Health Planning & Prog Spec
(004108)Behavioral Hlth Program Mgr
(004114)Chief, M H Clinical Svcs
(004116)Privacy Officer
(004117)Chief, Child & Adolescent Svcs
(004120)Coord, Child Hlth & Disab Prev
(004128)Public Health Medical Officer
(004132)Sheriff's Chief Medical Officr
(004140)Chief, Agency Operations
(004157)Forensic Pathology Fellow
(004158)Dep Medical Examiner I
(004159)Dep Medical Examiner II
(004162)Medical Consultant
(004172)Epidemiologist I
(004173)Epidemiologist II
(004174)Sr Epidemiologist
(004195)Supv Psychiatrist
(004198)Psychiatric Resident
(004199)Psychiatrist - Specialist
(004226)Chief Veterinarian
(004230)Veterinary Pathologist (T)
(004245)Pharmacy Manager
(004260)Pharmacy Technician
(004301)Asst Public Health Lab Dir
(004304)Utilization Rev Qlty Imp Supv
(004305)Toxicologist II
(004306)Toxicologist III
(004307)Toxicologist I
(004314)Utilization Rev Qlty Imp Spec
(004317)Disease Research Scientist
(004318)Histology Technician
(004319)Sr Histology Technician
(004320)Jr Public Hlth Microbiologist
(004330)Laboratory Assistant
(004346)Public Health Microbiologist
(004348)Supv Public Hlh Microbiologist
(004351)Sr Laboratory Assistant
(004353)Sr Public Hlth Microbiologist
(004370)Radiologic Technologist
(004405)Library Associate
(004406)Recreation Therapy Aide
(004407)Recreational Therapist
(004408)Recreation Therapy Supervisor
(004421)Occupational/Phy Therapst
(004422)Sr Occupational/Phy Therapst
(004423)Supv Occupational/Phy Therapst
(004424)Pediatric Therapy Spec Asst(T)
(004426)Occupational/Phy Therapst Asst
(004432)Chief, Occup/Phy Therapy Svcs
(004458)Sheriff's Food Services Mgr
(004460)Asst Mgr, Sheriff's Food Svc
(004497)Asst Dir of Nursing
(004506)Dir of Nursing
(004510)Clinic Services Coordinator
(004517)Certified Nurse Practitioner
(004519)Physician Assistant
(004525)Psychiatric Nurse
(004527)Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Spc
(004529)Nursing Dir,Shf's Detentns Fac
(004533)Inservice Education Coord
(004538)Staff Nurse
(004544)Supv Nurse
(004546)Sheriff's Detentions SupvNurse
(004548)Sheriff's Detentions Nurse
(004565)Public Health Nurse
(004567)Sr Public Health Nurse
(004570)Public Health Nurse Supv
(004571)Public Health Nurse Manager
(004615)Certified Nurse Assistant
(004618)Psychiatric Technician
(004625)Licensed Vocational Nurse
(004626)Sheriff's Detentions LVN
(004701)Sr Health Physicist
(004705)Environmental Hlth Spec Tr
(004707)Environmental Health Tech
(004721)Environmental Hlth Spec I
(004722)Environmental Hlth Spec II
(004723)Environmental Hlth Spec III
(004725)Water Resources Manager
(004726)Supv Environmental Hlth Spec
(004750)Assoc Health Physicist
(004757)Asst Health Physicist
(004759)Vector Control Tech Aide
(004761)Vector Control Technician
(004762)Sr Vector Control Technician
(004764)Vector Ecologist
(004765)Supv Vector Ecologist
(004766)Supv Vector Control Technician
(004767)Sr Vector Ecologist
(004771)Chief, Dietetic Services
(004775)Community Hlh Program Spec
(004780)Agency Program & Ops Manager
(004800)Forensic Autopsy Room Supv
(004815)Health Information Spec I
(004816)Health Information Spec II
(004820)Forensic Autopsy Specialist
(004821)Community Hlh Promotion Spec I
(004822)Community Hlh Promotion Spc II
(004824)Community Hlh Promotion Asst
(004833)Mntl Hlth Case Mgmt Asst
(004834)Mntl Hlh Staff Develop Crd (T)
(004835)Mntl Hlth Case Mgmt Clinician
(004836)Mntl Hlth Specialist
(004837)Mntl Hlth Conservat Clinician
(004839)Mntl Hlth Aide
(004842)Supv Hlth Information Spec
(004844)Supv Community Hlth Prom Spec
(004846)Community Health Worker
(004911)Social Services Aide
(004913)Protective Services Asst
(004914)Peer Support Specialist
(005031)Chaplain - Coordinator
(005045)Clinical Psychologist
(005050)Correctional Counselor
(005051)Supv Correctional Counselor
(005065)Dep Probation Officer
(005068)Correctional Dep Prob Off I
(005069)Correctional Dep Prob Off II
(005072)Residential Care Worker II
(005073)Residential Care Worker Tr
(005074)Residential Care Worker I
(005075)Residential Childcare Spec
(005087)Sr Clinical Psychologist
(005090)Sr Probation Officer
(005091)Residential Care Worker Supv
(005102)Licensed Mntl Hlth Clinician
(005115)Supv Probation Officer
(005195)Facility Svcs Contract Spec
(005197)Alcohol & Drug Prog Spec
(005198)Alcohol & Drug Prog Supv (T)
(005203)Aging Program Spec I
(005204)Aging Program Spec II
(005205)Aging Program Spec III
(005206)Aging Program Spec IV
(005222)Supv Human Services Specialist
(005223)Human Services Specialist
(005225)Human Services Control Spec
(005228)Substance Abuse Assessor
(005231)Victim Witness Asstce Pgm Supv
(005233)Supv Human Services Cntrl Spec
(005235)Social Worker I
(005237)Adult Protective Svcs Spec
(005238)Sr Adult Protective Svcs Spec
(005239)Adult Protective Svcs Supv
(005241)Victim Advocate
(005242)Child Welfare SvcsPolicyAnalyt
(005243)Patient Services Spec IV (T)
(005244)Program Specialist II
(005246)Patient Services Spec III (T)
(005248)Program Specialist I
(005253)Protective Services Worker
(005254)Sr Protective Services Worker
(005259)Protective Services Supv
(005260)Social Worker III
(005261)Health Services Social Worker
(005265)Social Worker II
(005270)Social Work Supervisor
(005271)Housing Navigator
(005279)Sheriff's Det, Mntl Hlth Clin
(005280)Sheriff's Det,Cf Mntl Hlt Clin
(005290)Protective Services Prog Mgr
(005297)Human Services Program Mgr
(005298)Human Services Operations Mgr
(005392)Agric Standards Inspector
(005393)Sr Agricultural/Standards Insp
(005394)Supv Agri/Standards Inspector
(005397)Sr Insect Detection Spec
(005399)Insect Detection Spec II
(005400)Insect Detection Spec I
(005401)Pest Management Technician I
(005402)Pest Management Technician II
(005404)Supv Pest Management Tech
(005426)Agricultural Scientist
(005453)Watershed Manager
(005480)Recycling Spec II
(005481)Recycling Spec I
(005497)Airport Operations Coord
(005500)Airport Manager
(005502)Appraiser IV
(005503)Appraiser III
(005504)Appraiser II
(005505)Appraiser I
(005510)Appraiser Trainee
(005511)Property Assessment Spec I
(005512)Supv Appraiser I
(005513)Supv Appraiser II
(005514)Div Chief II, Assessor/Recd/CC
(005515)Div Chief I, Assessor/Recd/CC
(005517)Property Assessment Spec II
(005518)Property Assessment Spec III
(005520)Asst Airport Manager
(005524)Asst Real Property Agent
(005525)Assoc Real Property Agent
(005526)Audit-Appraiser III
(005527)Audit-Appraiser II
(005528)Audit-Appraiser I
(005529)Supv Audit-Appraiser
(005530)Audit-Appraiser IV
(005538)Jr Real Property Agent
(005570)Sr Real Property Agent
(005585)Supv Real Property Agent (T)
(005600)Dep Public Admin-Guardian
(005602)Sr Dep Public Admin/Guardian
(005604)Estate Assistant
(005605)Estate Property Manager
(005700)Animal Care Attendant
(005702)Supv Animal Care Attendant
(005703)Animal Control Officer
(005704)Animal Services Representative
(005705)Sr Animal Services Rep
(005706)Asst Weapons Coordinator
(005708)Animal Medical Operations Mgr
(005710)Registered Veterinary Tech
(005711)Supv Animal Control Officer
(005713)Sheriff's Investigative Spec
(005716)Forensic Evidence Technician
(005718)Sr Forensic Documents Examiner
(005719)Sr Forensic Evidence Tech
(005720)Public Assistance Invest Mgr
(005721)Forensic Documents Examiner
(005725)International Case Coord
(005726)Public Assistance Invest Tr
(005727)Public Assistance Invest I
(005728)Public Assistance Invest II
(005729)Public Assistance Invest Supv
(005731)Public Defender Invest Tr
(005734)Supv Criminalist
(005735)Communicable Disease Investgr
(005736)Criminalist III
(005737)Criminalist II
(005738)Criminalist I
(005740)Medical Examiner Invest II
(005741)Medical Examiner Invest I
(005742)Medical Examiner Invest III
(005744)Crime Prevention Spec
(005745)Latent Print Examiner
(005746)Dep Sheriff
(005747)Dep Sheriff's Cadet
(005748)Community Services Officer
(005753)Dist Atty Investigator IV
(005754)Dist Atty Investigator III
(005755)Dist Atty Investigator II
(005756)Dist Atty Investigator I
(005757)Dep Sheriff - Detentions/CtSvc
(005758)Investigative Technician
(005759)Dist Atty Investigator V
(005760)Sr Latent Print Examiner
(005762)Process Server
(005763)Sr Communicable Disease Invest
(005764)Public Defender Invest I
(005765)Public Defender Invest II
(005766)Public Defender Invest III
(005767)Sheriff's Detentns Lieutenant
(005768)Paralegal Supervisor
(005774)Sheriff's Communications Coord
(005775)Sheriff's Captain
(005776)Asst Crime Lab Director
(005777)Trial Support Specialist
(005778)Sheriff's Commander
(005779)Process Server Supervisor
(005780)Sheriff's Lieutenant
(005781)Sheriff's Sergeant-Detentions
(005783)Sheriff's Detentions Captain
(005785)Sheriff's Property Investigatr
(005787)Sheriff's Property & Evid Mgr
(005788)Supv, Trial Support Unit
(005789)Sheriff's Commissary Stores Su
(005790)Sheriff's Sergeant
(005792)Supv Medical Examiner Investgr
(005793)Sheriff's Property & Evid Cust
(005794)Supv Communicable Disease Inv
(005795)Investigative Specialist
(005797)Dep Sheriff Cadet-Detention/CS
(005800)Mitigation Specialist
(005864)Sr Emergency Services Coord
(005865)Emergency Services Coordinator
(005884)Building Maintenance Eng
(005885)Building Maintenance Supv
(005900)Sheriff's Supv Heli/Air Mech
(005901)Sheriff's Helicopter/Air Mech
(005908)Assistant Facilities Analyst
(005911)Facilities Analyst
(005912)Sr Facilities Analyst
(005923)Sr Electrician
(005953)Sr Plumber
(005960)Air Conditioning & Refrig Mech
(005963)Sr Carpenter
(005967)Sr Painter
(005980)Facilities Superintendent
(005999)Asst Div Road Superintendent
(006005)Division Road Superintendent
(006015)Facilities Support Manager
(006018)Preventive Mtce Coord
(006019)Road Crew Supervisor
(006023)Road Maintenance Worker
(006025)Road Structures Worker I
(006026)Road Structures Worker II
(006027)Road Structures Worker III
(006028)Road Structures Supervisor (T)
(006035)Equipment Operator
(006036)Sr Equipment Operator
(006103)Fleet Technician
(006104)Sr Fleet Technician (T)
(006105)Master Fleet Technician
(006106)Fleet Team Leader
(006107)Fleet Coordinator
(006109)Fleet Support Spec
(006148)Telecommunications Tech IV
(006149)Telecommunications Tech III
(006150)Telecommunications Tech II
(006151)Telecommunications Tech I
(006152)Telecommunications Tech Tr
(006153)Asst Communications Sys Mgr
(006160)Traffic Signal Coordinator
(006161)Electronic Security & Sys Tech
(006163)Sr Electronic Security&SysTech
(006200)Building Maintenance Eng Asst
(006204)Carpenter Assistant
(006230)Plumber Assistant (T)
(006328)Park Project Manager
(006329)Sr Park Project Manager
(006332)Park Ranger
(006335)Recreation Program Coordinator
(006336)Parks Recreational Supervisor
(006342)Sr Park Ranger
(006343)Supv Park Ranger
(006344)Coord, Volunteer Services
(006345)Sr Park Maintenance Worker
(006346)Coord, Volunteer & Public Svcs
(006347)Park Maintenance Worker
(006405)Food Services Supervisor
(006410)Sr Cook
(006415)Food Services Worker
(006509)Laundry Supervisor
(006510)Sr Laundry Worker
(006530)Laundry Worker
(006800)Wastewater Plant Operatr Tr BG
(006801)Wastewater Plant Operator I BG
(006802)Wastewater Plant Operatr II BG
(006803)Sr Custodian BG
(006804)Airport Technician BG
(006805)Park Maintenance Worker BG
(006806)Sr Park Maintenance Worker BG
(006809)Sr Equipment Operator BG
(006810)Equipment Operator BG
(006811)Road Maintenance Worker BG
(006812)Preventive Mtce Coord BG
(006814)Bookmobile Driver BG
(006815)Wastewater Electrical Cl Sp BG
(006816)Electrcl, Plmbng, & Mch Crd BG
(006817)Fire Prevention Speciali II BG
(006818)Plans Examiner BG
(006819)Fire Prevention Specialis I BG
(006820)Building Inspector II BG
(006821)Building Inspector I BG
(006822)Construction Inspector BG
(006823)Mail Processing Technician BG
(006824)Mail Clerk Driver BG
(006825)Estate Property Specialist BG
(006826)Sr Estate Property Speciali BG
(006827)Fuel Management Spec BG
(006828)Sr Healthcare Agency Hsekpr BL
(006829)Healthcare Agency Housekpr BL
(006830)Construction & Svces Wkr BL
(006832)Delivery Vehicle Driver BL
(006833)Stores Delivery Driver BL
(006834)Shuttle Bus Driver BL
(006835)Sewer Construction&Mtce Wkr BL
(006836)Wastewater Plant Operatr Tr BL
(006837)Wastewater Plant Operator I BL
(006838)Wastewater Plant Operatr II BL
(006839)Sr Custodian BL
(006840)Airport Technician BL
(006841)Park Maintenance Worker BL
(006842)Sr Park Maintenance Worker BL
(006845)Sr Equipment Operator BL
(006846)Equipment Operator BL
(006847)Road Maintenance Worker BL
(006848)Preventive Mtce Coord BL
(006850)Bookmobile Driver BL
(006851)Wastewater Electrical Cl Sp BL
(006852)Electrcl, Plmbng, & Mch Crd BL
(006853)Fire Prevention Speciali II BL
(006854)Plans Examiner BL
(006855)Fire Prevention Specialis I BL
(006856)Building Inspector II BL
(006857)Building Inspector I BL
(006858)Construction Inspector BL
(006859)Mail Processing Technician BL
(006860)Mail Clerk Driver BL
(006861)Estate Property Specialist BL
(006862)Sr Estate Property Speciali BL
(006863)Fuel Management Spec BL
(006864)Sr Healthcare Agency Hsekpr AL
(006865)Healthcare Agency Housekpr AL
(006866)Construction & Svces Wkr AL
(006868)Delivery Vehicle Driver AL
(006869)Stores Delivery Driver AL
(006870)Shuttle Bus Driver AL
(006871)Sewer Construction&Mtce Wkr AL
(006872)Wastewater Plant Operatr Tr AL
(006873)Wastewater Plant Operator I AL
(006874)Wastewater Plant Operatr II AL
(006875)Sr Custodian AL
(006876)Airport Technician AL
(006877)Park Maintenance Worker AL
(006878)Sr Park Maintenance Worker AL
(006881)Sr Equipment Operator AL
(006882)Equipment Operator AL
(006883)Road Maintenance Worker AL
(006884)Preventive Mtce Coord AL
(006886)Bookmobile Driver AL
(006887)Wastewater Electrical Cl Sp AL
(006888)Electrcl, Plmbng, & Mch Crd AL
(006889)Fire Prevention Speciali II AL
(006890)Plans Examiner AL
(006891)Fire Prevention Specialis I AL
(006892)Building Inspector II AL
(006893)Building Inspector I AL
(006894)Construction Inspector AL
(006895)Mail Processing Technician AL
(006896)Mail Clerk Driver AL
(006897)Estate Property Specialist AL
(006898)Sr Estate Property Speciali AL
(006899)Fuel Management Spec AL
(006900)Sewer Construction&Mtce Wkr BG
(006901)Shuttle Bus Driver BG
(006902)Stores Delivery Driver BG
(006903)Delivery Vehicle Driver BG
(006905)Construction & Svces Wkr BG
(006906)Healthcare Agency Housekpr BG
(006907)Sr Healthcare Agency Hsekpr BG
(006912)Sheriff's Helicoptr/Air Mch BG
(006913)Plumber Assistant BG (T)
(006914)Carpenter Assistant BG
(006915)Building Maintenance EngAst BG
(006916)Welder BG
(006917)Electronic Security &Sys Te BG
(006918)Traffic Signal Coordinator BG
(006919)Telecommunications Tech Tr BG
(006920)Telecommunications Tech I BG
(006921)Telecommunications Tech II BG
(006922)Fleet Team Leader BG
(006923)Master Fleet Technician BG
(006924)Sr Fleet Technician BG (T)
(006925)Fleet Technician BG
(006926)Road Structures Worker III BG
(006927)Road Structures Worker II BG
(006928)Road Structures Worker I BG
(006930)Sr Painter BG
(006931)Sr Carpenter BG
(006932)Air Conditioning &Refrig Me BG
(006933)Sr Plumber BG
(006934)Plumber BG
(006935)Painter BG
(006936)Mason BG
(006937)Sr Electrician BG
(006938)Electrician BG
(006939)Carpenter BG
(006940)Building Maintenance Eng BG
(006941)Sheriff's Helicoptr/Air Mch BL
(006942)Plumber Assistant BL (T)
(006943)Carpenter Assistant BL
(006944)Building Maintenance EngAst BL
(006945)Welder BL
(006946)Electronic Security &Sys Te BL
(006947)Traffic Signal Coordinator BL
(006948)Telecommunications Tech Tr BL
(006949)Telecommunications Tech I BL
(006950)Telecommunications Tech II BL
(006951)Fleet Team Leader BL
(006952)Master Fleet Technician BL
(006953)Sr Fleet Technician BL (T)
(006955)Fleet Technician BL
(006956)Road Structures Worker III BL
(006957)Road Structures Worker II BL
(006958)Road Structures Worker I BL
(006960)Sr Painter BL
(006961)Sr Carpenter BL
(006962)Air Conditioning &Refrig Me BL
(006963)Sr Plumber BL
(006964)Plumber BL
(006965)Painter BL
(006966)Mason BL
(006967)Sr Electrician BL
(006968)Electrician BL
(006969)Carpenter BL
(006970)Building Maintenance Eng BL
(006971)Sheriff's Helicoptr/Air Mch AL
(006972)Plumber Assistant AL (T)
(006973)Carpenter Assistant AL
(006974)Building Maintenance EngAst AL
(006975)Welder AL
(006976)Electronic Security &Sys Te AL
(006977)Traffic Signal Coordinator AL
(006978)Telecommunications Tech Tr AL
(006979)Telecommunications Tech I AL
(006980)Telecommunications Tech II AL
(006981)Fleet Team Leader AL
(006982)Master Fleet Technician AL
(006983)Sr Fleet Technician AL (T)
(006984)Fleet Technician AL
(006985)Road Structures Worker III AL
(006986)Road Structures Worker II AL
(006987)Road Structures Worker I AL
(006989)Sr Painter AL
(006990)Sr Carpenter AL
(006991)Air Conditioning &Refrig Me AL
(006992)Sr Plumber AL
(006993)Plumber AL
(006994)Painter AL
(006995)Mason AL
(006996)Sr Electrician AL
(006997)Electrician AL
(006998)Carpenter AL
(006999)Building Maintenance Eng AL
(007001)Airport Technician
(007005)Sr Airport Technician
(007030)Sr Custodian
(007035)Healthcare Agency Housekeeper
(007036)Sr Healthcare Agency Housekpr
(007045)Exec Housekeeper
(007068)Wastewater Facilities Supv
(007069)Wastewater Plant Operator III
(007070)Wastewater Plant Operator II
(007071)Wastewater Plant Operator I
(007072)Wastewater Plant Operator Tr
(007080)Sanitation Regional Supervisor
(007083)Sewer Construction & Mtce Wkr
(007089)Solid Waste Site Supervisor
(007099)Sheriff's Range Guard
(007514)Shuttle Bus Driver
(007515)Stores Delivery Driver
(007516)Delivery Vehicle Driver
(007530)Sewing Room Supervisor
(007540)Construction & Svces Wkr
(007546)Retirement Admin Secty
(007547)Retirement Admin Asst
(007548)Retirement Analyst
(007550)Retirement Technology Sys Spec
(007551)Retirement Accountant
(007552)Retirement Assoc Accountant
(007553)Retirement Senior Accountant
(007554)Retirement Internal Audit Dir
(007556)Retirement Mbr Service Spec
(007557)Retirement Mbr Service Sr Spec
(007558)Retirement Mbr Service Assoc
(007560)Retirement Mbr Service Mgr
(007564)Retirement Services Mgr
(007565)Retirement Exec Secty
(007566)Retirement Asst Dir Mbr Svce
(007567)Retirement Business Sys Dir
(007568)Retirement Bus SystemsEngineer
(007570)Retirement Accounting Spec
(007571)Retirement Internal Auditor